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By Roberto Baldwin — 11 Feb '15

It's official, Microsofts acquired sunrise calendar app

A week after the news dropped that Microsoft was acquiring calendar app maker, Sunrise Atelier, the companies have confirmed the acquisition via a YouTube video that has since been made private. The…

11 Feb '15 — By Napier Lopez

BitTorrent takes on Netflix and Amazon with new original content partnership

11 Feb '15 — By Tnw Deals

89% off the Apple Watch App Builder Course


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11 Feb, 06:16pm — By Mic Wright

Samsung's Troubles Prove Smart TVs Are Dumb

11 Feb, 03:00pm — By Roberto Baldwin

Facebook Launches Threat Exchange to Battle Security Issues

11 Feb, 02:55pm — By Tnw Deals

Last Chance to Enter the iMac Giveaway - Ends Tonight!

11 Feb, 02:17pm — By Abhimanyu Ghoshal

You Can Now Unlock Your Phone and Switch Carriers in the US

11 Feb, 06:16pm — By Mic Wright

Samsung's Troubles Prove Smart TVs Are Dumb

11 Feb, 01:00pm — By Ben Woods

Nokia's HERE Maps Updated on Android and Windows Phone

11 Feb, 12:01pm — By Ben Woods

EE to Spend £1.5bn Bringing 'Double Speed'

11 Feb, 06:16pm — By ABHIMANYU GHOSHAL

Uber's Panic Button is Now Live in India

11 Feb, 09:00am — By ABHIMANYU GHOSHAL

The Ubuntu Phone Is Now On Sale In Europe

11 Feb, 08:55am — By ABHIMANYU GHOSHAL

Could This Be the Future of GIFs?

11 Feb, 07:00am — By BEN WOODS

Fleet of 40 'Driverless Pods' to Hit the UK's Footpaths

11 Feb, 06:30am — By ABHIMANYU GHOSHAL

File Hosting Service Rapidshare Shutting Down

11 Feb, 04:40am — By JACKIE DOVE

Going Places: You Too Can Tote A Tattooed Passport

11 Feb, 01:31am — By ROBERTO BALDWIN

Twitter Thinks Some of us are Bots Right Now

10 Feb, 11:47pm — By ROBERTO BALDWIN

Google Hides Dancing Left Shark

10 Feb, 11:42pm — By Owen Williams

Microsoft Patches Massive Flaw In Active Directory

10 Feb, 09:16pm — By NAPIER LOPEZ

Google's I/O Conference Is Slated for May 28 and 29

10 Feb, 09:00pm — By OWEN WILLIAMS

Pipes 2.0 Makes It Easier To Keep Up With The News

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